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  • Auto body work often involves repairing damage resulting from collisions or accidents. This can include fixing dented or damaged body panels, restoring the vehicle's frame or unibody structure, and replacing components that have been severely impacted.

Collision Repair:

  • Painting is a crucial aspect of auto body work, especially after repairs or when refinishing is needed. This may involve matching the vehicle's original paint color, applying primer, basecoat, and clearcoat, and ensuring a smooth and even finish.

Painting and Refinishing:

  • Technicians use various methods to repair dents, ranging from traditional dent pulling and filling techniques to more modern methods like paintless dent repair (PDR), which involves manipulating the metal without damaging the paint.

Dent Repair:

  • In cases of severe collisions, the vehicle's frame or unibody structure may become misaligned. Auto body technicians use specialized equipment to straighten and realign the frame, ensuring the vehicle's structural integrity.

Frame Straightening:

  • When body panels are too damaged to be repaired, they may need to be replaced. This can include doors, fenders, hoods, bumpers, and other exterior components.

Panel Replacement:

  • Regular inspection of the brake system, including brake pads, rotors, and fluid level.

Rust Repair:

  • Rust can damage the metal surfaces of a vehicle over time, particularly in areas exposed to moisture. Auto body work may involve removing rust, treating affected areas, and applying protective coatings or new paint.

Battery Service:

  • Minor scratches, scuffs, or paint damage can be repaired through various techniques, such as touch-up paint, wet sanding, or polishing.

Scratch and Scuff Repair:

  • Auto body shops may handle the replacement of damaged or shattered glass, including windshields, side windows, and rear windows.

Glass Replacement:

  • Auto enthusiasts may seek auto body shops for restoration projects. This involves bringing older or classic cars back to their original or customized conditions through various repairs and refinishing.

Restoration Work:

  • Some auto body shops offer services for customizing or modifying vehicles, including adding body kits, changing paint colors, or installing aftermarket components.

Customization and Modifications:

Auto body work

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