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  • One of the most common issues is a leak in the power steering system. This can occur in hoses, the power steering pump, or the steering gear. Repair involves identifying and fixing the source of the leak, followed by refilling the power steering fluid.

Fluid Leaks:

  • The power steering pump pressurizes the steering fluid to assist with steering. If the pump fails, it can result in stiff or difficult steering. Repair may involve replacing the power steering pump.

Power Steering Pump Failure:

  • Contaminated power steering fluid can lead to issues in the system. Repair may involve flushing the system and replacing the fluid with clean, manufacturer-recommended fluid.

Faulty Power Steering Belt:

  • Cracked, leaking, or damaged power steering hoses can result in fluid loss and difficulty steering. Repair involves replacing the affected hoses.

Power Steering Hose Issues:

  • The rack and pinion system is a common type of steering system. Issues with the rack and pinion, such as leaks or excessive play, may require repair or replacement.

Rack and Pinion Problems:

  • In vehicles with electric power steering, issues can arise with the electronic components, sensors, or the electric motor. Repair may involve diagnosing and addressing problems with these components.

Electric Power Steering (EPS) Issues:

  • Vehicles with a recirculating ball steering gearbox can experience malfunctions, leading to steering difficulties. Repair may involve rebuilding or replacing the gearbox.

Steering Gearbox Malfunctions:

  • Improper wheel alignment can contribute to steering problems. Repair involves adjusting the wheel alignment to manufacturer specifications.

Alignment Issues:

  • If the cause of the steering issue is unclear, a diagnostic check may be performed to identify the specific problem before proceeding with repairs.

Diagnostic and System Check:

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